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Tally on Cloud

24x7 Access, Best Pricing, Firewall Protected Tally Cloud.
Benefit from Antler colocation facilities
  • Access to your data from anywhere, at any time.
  • Reduces time and additional expenses
  • Collaboration and secure data exchange.
  • Any time a tally is needed, it can be accessed remotely.
  • No data corruption, slow performance, or memory outage.
More Benefits

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Tally On Cloud Features

Several Tally on Cloud's exclusive features speaks for themselves such as those related to business, auditing, tally on cloud services and recording. We provide you with flexible monthly plans suiting your budget and business size benefiting you completely. tally on cloud benefits Security and privacy of data can be assured with this reliable option. The following features are included:

Speed & Multi-user

Run your application on high end CPU and branded servers only

Secured Tally Data

We offer multi location auto backup facility.

Local Backup

You can download your backup manual if required.

global reach
Use From Anywhere

Use tally application from any part of the world.

Any Device - Any Time

Any device you can access your tally at any time.

Economical - Save Money

Cheaper then self-hosting a in-house tally server on desktop class hardware.

You Can Boost Your Business With Tally Server on Cloud

  • Using any device, you can access Tally on cloud from anywhere, anytime. Businesses can use Tally with great efficiency.
  • With Tally on Cloud, any data hacks or breaches in security are prevented by its server security shield. Data integrity tools are included as well.
  • In addition, automated backups are conducted at regular intervals to ensure the highest level of data reliability.
  • One of the best things about Tally on Cloud is that you can configure and customize your plan to your liking.
  • For small businesses who need to scale up, Tally on Cloud can easily meet all their needs.
  • With Tally on Cloud, you can use Tally from multiple locations with only one Tally single-user license. There will be no additional costs associated with multiple user licenses.
  • As Tally Cloud takes care of all the resource management and equipment costs, you save money as well.
  • We offer Tally on Cloud service that lets you run Tally on our cloud servers. It's an enterprise-level product.
  • You can also take a backup of your tally data on the cloud. With Cloud Tally, backing up your tally data is easier than ever before.
  • Business owners who don't want to have to maintain servers. Mobile app devices can also be used to check your tally reports and ledgers.

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

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What is Tally on Cloud?
  • Tally on Cloud is a service that enables you to move your traditional offline Tally software to the cloud. This allows you to access your Tally data from any location, at any time, and on various devices.

Is Tally a SaaS?
  • Based on the SaaS service model, Tally On Cloud is an online accounting system that manages business accounting operations online.

Can Tally ERP9 be run in a cloud environment?
  • Data access can be restricted to only certain people in the company if your environment is as secure as Linux. Additionally, you get Tally on the Cloud support team with no direct access to data.

Is Tally on Cloud's TDLs supported?
  • Yes, Tally on Cloud supports all TDLs, and our team always advises customers to verify their TDLs before using Tally on Cloud.

On my Tally Cloud Server, can I store other data?
  • Tally data is the only data that can be accessed via the Tally cloud server.

Is it possible to run Tally on my private cloud?
  • There is an Operating System for Tally on Cloud, which you can install in your Private Cloud. Our Technical team needs to discuss and understand this with you.

How to Use Tally On Cloud To Boost Your Business
  • In an era where technology is rewriting the rules of business, Tally on Cloud emerges as a game-changer, reshaping the very foundation of accounting and financial management.

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