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  • Founded: 2005
  • Team Strength: 35+
  • Countries served: 13
  • 3 India Location and 2 International
  • Premium Support 24/7/365
+ Clients
More than + active customers trust to us daily about services.
+ Servers
5 Datacenters with + servers have high availability systems.

About BookMyHost

Started in 2005 BookMyHost aka Blazing Bullet Pvt Ltd is a team of young IT professionals.

In just years BookMyHost has grown from few customers to having over + customers. We began working from an apartment and have grown and expanded to 5 offices in India. We have grown from one VPS to + dedicated servers. Our staff has grown from the original 1 founder to 35 employees with office in Delhi and other part of India.

For more than years, we have helped many of the corporate houses around the world to re-build their empire in the digital economy. We are now globally recognized.
We understand hosting to be a service just like any other. It is the assurance we make to keep your web sites and mails up and running without interruption.

Hosting is just like any other service. We are dedicated to what we do. We are good at it too. We never hide behind technical jargons, never have to. Never display messages or leave you to automated answers when you would rather have a human voice explain it to you. We team of BookMyHost is of technosavy with web difference of 24x7 helpdesk for rational customer satisfaction.

BookMyHost is characterized by its intrinsic ability to create. BookMyHost has also found itself well placed within the upward growth of internet servers in the country. We firmly believe that India has the individuals and corporate houses with potential of being among the best in the world. We are also aware of the price sensitive nature of the markets and we are confident of providing the best products and service at the most attractive prices. In technology, we make use of the best available resources; human and otherwise.

Today,BookMyHost has established an industry-wide reputation as the market-leading provider of web services for large businesses to individuals. The Company is well funded and financially successful. We demonstrate to our loyal customers each day our commitment to provide the best services available in the market - without exception. We focus on the important things - easy to use quality services at affordable prices. Our mix of superior technology and dedication to customer support has helped us build a customer base of thousands who refer their friends and associates to BookMyHost each day.

Meet Our Management Team

Meet the leaders who drive our vision: Experienced, passionate, and dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

Rishi Gupta

Support, Helpdesk
Your partner in problem-solving: Empowering your success, 15+ experience.

Sneha Malik

Commercial Department
Building partnerships, driving growth, and shaping the future: Your business development expert.

Rahul Gupta

Tech Department
Designing the future: Building innovative solutions that drive business success.

Our Datacenters are Located in 5 Regions

Empowering global connectivity, 5 datacenter at a time: Reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure for a connected world.